Introduce myself

I am Gothusamang Mokwene and I chose Forex because I saw that it changed people’s lives and I would love to change mine too with it…I chose Forex because there are alot of this that I could not afford and I am a student

Hi everbody Sandie G , and I have always wanted to learn how to trade on the stock market and I so grateful I was introduced to Babypips,

I wanted this to be my full-time job.

Can’t wait to get started. Any advise for me.

I am John, I like forex because it gives a lot of money :moneybag: without sweat, only knowledge, discipline and patience boost traders wellbeing… I want to grow financially, I want to depend full on me, infact I dislike being employed.

I trust babypips will give me enough knowledge of trading forex :handshake:🏽, Thanks.

Just focus on learning how not to lose money.

hi and welcome , have a knowledgeable journey from there.

Welcome here and you must focus on learning.

focus on beginners section and be active on education level. good journey