Introduce your self

Hi I’m a newbie to forex Trading.Here to learn more about the game. Hope u guys can help me out in this new journey.

Press the green education button above to begin your learning journey. Take it easy, one step at a time. See if FX trading on a demo account suits you and your lifestyle.

Best of luck.

Be prepared to lose. 90%+ fail long term. Hardest market in the world to succeed in. But once you learn it, or skill/intelligence, it is awesome.

Start with $100. Trade $1 micros. Take it slow. Only use money you can afford to set on fire.

Don’t use more than 50:1 leverage.

If you focus on the money you are doomed. Focus on the trades.

Do one good trade. Then look for the next. Don’t trade to trade.

Take it serious, not a game like fortnight lol.