Introduce yourself

Hello everyone. I am glad to be allowed to be a member of this wonderful forum. I hope to learn a lot of wonderful things. Thanks and cheers.

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We’re happy that you’re part of BP! Let’s all learn together! Good luck and see you around!

Hello @sirshekamus! Welcome to bp. We’re glad to have you here too. Are you going through the school of pips? :blush:

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Thanks. I am going through babypips tutorials. I hope to become a good trader through this forum. Cheers.

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Hello Everyone !!! I’m Fron Tampa, FL. and i’m very new to forex, i’ve been reading some books on day trading and forex and what i want to accomplish is to wuit my day job and become a full time forex trader, i know this is not a get rich wuick option and i’m cool with that i just want to make at least 200-300$ a day and just quit my day job. Thanks.

Hello My name is Marilyn I am very new to trading I want new opportunity and to learn what I been paying into for the last 30 years . Thank you for accepting me on my new journey

What section are you in right now? Are you demo trading while going through the school? :blush: