Introduce Yourself

Hello I am StradingHM, I would like to widen my network and knowledge in Trading. I hope you can help me and be a part of this community.

Thank you.

Welcoooome! :blush: We’ll do our best to help you so if you have questions, don’t be shy and ask people here. :smiley: Lots of nice and experienced traders who would be willing to help you out. :blush: Good luuuck! :smiley:

Welcome , a lot of good guys here and a good education page

Kind Regards

The Scruffy Trader
Do what you love and the money will follow

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Welcome to the community, @StradingHM. Start with the education section here if you’re not doing that yet. The members here are helpful. Just ask away if you need help with anything.

Hello Thanks for the help. Really appreciated

Hi ria_rose,

Thank you for the help. Really appreciated. How will I start a forum introducing my company?

No problem. Good luck!