Introduce yourself

Hey,name is arnold new to forex, need some guidance on how to go about it thanx. Where do i need to go to start learning about forex trading? Do we have a YouTube page?

you can start with the psychology of school which contains all basic knowledge and experince, besides this it is more appropriate to trade in a practice account as the demo.

demo is reallly important , but i dont lke to trade with demo , because we cant focus on there becasue no real money , for that reason we should practice on micro account instead of demo.

there is no technical difference between demo and live account , its all about psychological issue , in demo there is no real money so we the traders cant focus on there.

dont complicate the simple issue , if you dont like to trade in a practice account as demo, then it is more appropriate to trade in a micro account. thats all.

welcome to Forex world , feel free to ask any question you need to know , lots of advisor and expert in thee.

agree, the main different is trader behaviours when trading with real and fake money. Live account is much better to teach you risks management and trading discipline when your own money is on the line.

Get onto the education section here to get yourself started and go from there. In terms of YouTube I found ICT very helpful but there are a number of good channels depending on how you learn.

Hi Arnold. Welcome to babypips. There are several resources available on the internet about learning forex trading. The most important thing is to determine which works best for you. Best of luck