Introduced me :Adebayo Omotola

Hello everyone,
Am Omotola from Nigeria 30yrs and a mother of one. I got to know about babypips through my forex instructor here in Nigeria. Am a janitor but I can be very keen to getting to the top. My goal is to make money to support and empower myself,my family and others. So willing to take it slow, willing to learn the game of forex and open to new things.
I hope to get and the best and from all on this platform.
So delighted to be here.

So you have a plan in place, considering that over 80% of newbie traders lose money? You need years of experience to become consistently profitable - maybe something that your forex instructor failed to share with you.

Social media marketing hype is fantasy land, focus on reality instead by learning how to trade FX properly and proficiently to your initial aim to NOT LOSE MONEY by guarding your capital at all costs.

Best of luck…


Thanks Steve
Yes, my instructor has made me realize that it’s a lot work , discipline and commitment that makes it all. Am willing to be patient as long as it will yield a great result.

Thanks tradecode

Welcome omotola. Like the lads are saying its not a guarantee you’ll actually make money trading forex. You say you have a forex instructor, have they gotten you trading a demo account? Have you tried trading a demo account off your own back? Realistically if your new new to forex and trading in general… forget about real money for now, and start the sensible way… Read and absorb the free course in the EDUCATION section, it’ll point you in the right direction.

Hello Omotoa. Welcome to the forum! Forex is a business that can be done from anywhere globally with an internet connection, which is why it is sometimes called the “global market”. Start with learning the basics of currency trading. Best of luck