Introducing me;

Hi I’m Cameron 18 and mark my words I’m gonna be a millionaire someday.

Interesting. So you have a plan in place?

Get a 9-5 high paying job (hopefully) and simultaneously trade/invest on the side. If i live frugally and with discipline/determination its definetly doable.

Yes, that’s good. Why not try getting a job with a financial broker or bank? You will learn a lot quicker.

Yep that’s the plan, the world of finance is just too interesting for me not to want to be a part of it. By any chance are you a long term member of this community, or an experienced trader? If so could you tell me your top tips for a beginner, specifically what i should be learning first in order to get good at trading in general (not just forex)?

First of all, there is no short cut to consistent success despite what social media hype would have you believe.

Which means a developing a profitable plan and process that you stick to for EVERY trade. practice on a demo account first. That’s stage one.

When you are comfortable about going live, this is where the fun starts and stops. You will be emotionally challenged every day at what the market throws at you, as the only control you have to protect your account is limiting risk exposure.

You should aim to learn how to detach your mindset, which is all about knowing yourself inside out and how you react to winning and losing trades. That’s where most traders fail by overtrading, revenge trading and gambling. It’s called FEAR & PAIN.

That’s your starter. Best of luck.

Welcome, start here:

Perhaps when that time comes, the way inflation is going, everyone will be a millionaire! haha

Shoot for a trillion!

I’ll remember that and thanks for the encouragement !

Thanks, I’m enjoying the course so far, not too overwhelming but not too dumbed down either.

Perhaps when that time comes, the way inflation is going, everyone will be a millionaire! haha

Oh god I hope not lol.

Shoot for a trillion!

You know what, I’ll make my goal to be an iranian rail trillionaire, that’s somewhat feasible lol

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Hello everyone i am new to trading.

Hi Cameron, love the enthusiasm. I sincerely hope you stick with it and accomplish your goals someday. Good luck out there :four_leaf_clover:

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