Introducing my self

Hi my names Kaylem stark I met someone in a gym and he told me abit about this place I train very hard and have big dreams and if this is the one thing that can get me there im doing it on my own or with a team Because I deserve it and I like to help people out see how it goes I’m a happy person love to have a laugh ect got a very good hurt try do my best for people

Welcome Kaylem. Have you started trading yet or are you at the very beginning of your journey?

Hello Kaylem! This is a great place to start learning forex. You’ll also find nice people here who would love to help out. Good luck on your trading journey!

Hi there, I hope you are doing well. I want to let you know that forex trading is a fantastic opportunity for everyone trying to establish themselves financially. Good luck

I’m at the very beginning

Thanks I hope so