Introducing myself as new trader from UK

Hi all, I began getting interested in forex 2 years ago.
I got used to trading on demo to start with and have been trading a live account for exactly a year now.
It’s only a small £1400 account but after one year and literally hundreds of trades I am only down £19. It has been a lot more but I feel I am actually getting comfortable with it and have just settled into the type of trading I want to master.
I love learning, practising and analysing my trades hope to very soon begin making growth to my account. If I can get to that stage on a regular basis it will be awesome.
I am in the UK so I am restricted to 1:30 leverage, and to be honest I am glad about that.
Thanks everyone, it’s great to communicate to fellow traders.

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Welcome aboard, and well done for keeping your account balance at breakeven. I suggest you do more of what works and less of what doesn’t - which means try reducing your trades to those which could give you a better probability of success.

On a $1,400 account you have breathing space for your S/L. Use it. If you limit your daily risk exposure on open trades to 5% ($70) and keep to it, that will be a benefit. As for 30:1 leverage, it doesn’t stop you from opening more than one position within the margin exposure.

Best of luck going forward.

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