Introducing myself. GabiIonut

Hi, guys!
My name is Gabriel, I am from Romania and I would like to start learning Forex. I want to start it because I would love to be finacial free, and maybe this gets me some nice money, then maybe I can start a business. Let me tell you that I have literally 0 experience on this. I would like you to guide me on this site, what I should learn first and how. Thank you.

Hello, Gabriel and welcome. My advice is to click on the education link at the top of this site. there you will find the BabyPips school. It’s free to use and will take you through all aspects of FOREX trading.

Best of luck to you on the site.

Hello Gabriel! Welcome to the community. We’re glad to have you here. We all start with zero experience. Just keep your motivations as you go along your studies and as you practice trading. Hope to hear more from you.