Introducing Myself

Hello, everyone!

I’m new to Forex trading and I like to be a part of your community.
I’m a General Physician (GP) from Egypt, it would be great in these rough times to have extra sources of income. I am aware that trading in stocks or foreign currencies is a dangerous way of investment for the absolute beginner, maybe intermediate traders are also having bad days in this global climate. I think if you are not asking too much and you calculate your risk appropriately you won’t get disappointed.

Anyway, glad there is a community to join. Hope this is a great beginning!

Ebrahim Batran, MD.

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Welcome! Study hard!

Welcome to the community, @ebnbatran. We’re glad to have you here too. What got you interested in forex vs other markets?

Welcome to the community! We’ll be looking forward to hearing more about your trading journey. See you around and good luck.