Introducing myself

Hi Baby Pips, I’m new here,

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Welcome to the forum

Hi, new here are to FX but have some stock & bonds experience. Currently have TD ameritrade and I caught in the change to Schwab. I will see how that works out. Looking for a platform and a US based broker that is suited to low volume trading and small accounts to start.

Welcome @evansmac! Are you just getting started with trading or do you have some experience already?

Hello and welcome to the forex world! Check out the “Brokers” category here. You’ll likely find some recommendations from the community that could help you. Good luck!

Welcooome. :blush: And congratulations on finishing the school! :smiley: That’s already a good start. If you don’t mind, how long did it take you to finish it? :blush:

Hello and welcome! This is a great resource to learn forex trading. Hope you’ll have a great time here and good luck!

Welcome to the community, @evansmac. Are you new to trading too or just new here in the community?

Welcome to the community, @JMAC1746. Good luck on your fx trading journey.

I have some experience

I see. How’s your trading journey going so far?