Introducing myself

Hello friends around the world, Im Dawit(Dave) Im new to forex trading here and hope u guys are willing to get me through this.

Hello Daven, welcome to the community and to the journey of trading.
It is going to be a very long journey with ups and downs, so buckle up and sit tight :slight_smile:

Welcome. … and try to connect with the right minds…

Hello there, @Daven_14.
Welcome to the community. People here will be quite helpful. You can ask questions here, and people will respond.

You won’t be alone. People are great out here

Hello there, Dawit! Welcome. It’s wonderful to see your eagerness to study and get started in this industry.

Welcome Dave! How are you starting your trading journey? Have you been through the School of Pipsology? It’s the best place to start learning. See you around and good luck!

Hello Dave! Welcome! We’re here to help and support each other. Feel free to ask any questions and you’ll find friendly traders here willing to help. Good luck!