Introducing myself

Hello everybody. Hope to learn a lot from this
forum. I am new to Forex but learning fast.


Welcome Yinkafunmi

Great place to be. Welcome.

Hello, I’m here

Hello everyone, my name is Evelyn… I’m new to forex.

Have you already visited our school for that matter anyway or still not ? Do tell me if it’s true and you are ready for the work anyway. Can we ask you some questions as well when there will be a need with such information or not ? Cause I am kinda lost with all that.

Hello @yinkafunmi! Glad to have you here. You will really learn here in babypips as long as you exert the effort. :blush:

Hey Yinkafunmi! How are you getting on with the trades?

Hi BIG house!
Am melody from UK. A forex enthusiast.
I met this guy ‘forex’ some time ago at ASTROFX house, his cuteness was irresistible I tell ya. Each time i stare at him, i feel goosebumps all over. Then I thought to masef, I must do all it takes to hookup with him for better or worse. He’s gat potentials. He’s cute, brave, sometimes kicks you in the butt for bad behavior.

I don’t know about y’all but What else can I say… I love my boo regardless! Copy?

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Welcome and hello, Melody. Interesting description! I assume you’re referring to the forex exchange market and to a person…

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Hi Melody! Interesting introduction indeed. :smiley: How’s your trading journey so far?