Introducing myself

Hi , I’m Genny . I’m new to forex trading . I was introduced to forex about a week ago and I’m finding it very interesting but I’m getting a bit lost with grasping some of the terms used hence joining babypips. I’m very keen to learn forex trading . Thank you for having me on board

Welcome to BabyPips @blessedgenny!

If you have any questions about what you’ve read on the School of Pipsology, I recommend using the search function here in case someone has already asked the same question and if not, you can always post a new topic! We have lots of helpful members around here. Good luck and hope to see you around!

Hey everyone. Even after trading everyday for the last years, I have not been able to make consistent profits. Am I lagging or you guys have also been there?

Hi I’m new here :cold_sweat:

Hi Genny! Where are you learning from? Make sure you keep your learning game strong as it is the only way of moving consistently.