Introducing myself

Well, to start with my name --> you must have got it from my user name already and I come from India and looking to make a career in Forex Trading.

I am a fulltime IT consultant and looking forward to have a new start with Forex trading before I switch my career.

I want to go phase by phase into trading,

  1. Learn the theory
  2. Get a feel through virtual trading session
  3. Start my trading career
  4. Bother the world with QUESTIONS QUESTIONS & QUESTIONS… and find some answers from the elite gurus in the forum. :slight_smile:

Since its the beginning, I wouldnt bother you with too much of a details from me. Maybe I will bug you guys more often once I start trading.

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Welcome. Your background is ideal for trading FX. Compose a few EA strategies, and let the robots do the money making.

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To start, you try

Here’s a list of good books…

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Welcome to the community. Remember to learn about trading psychology. Most traders ignore this in their early life of trading and pay the price. You can read, The Disciplined Traders By Mark Douglas after getting basics idea of trading.

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seems like a goal for me. :slight_smile: Thank you Steve for the path…!!

Yea, I am reading through the school. Once I am done with that I would continue with the proposed books, seems quite useful. :slight_smile: Thanks for the hint

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You are absolutely right, having a good mindset plays a major role in all professions and similarly in trading as well. I would definitely read through and have a good mindset for the start… Cheers mate @RinTakano