Introducing myself

Hi you’ll, am glad to be here. I hope to learn and become a professional trader in the future. My ultimate goal is to learn forex trading, make money and help others to achieve their goals as well. Thanks

I just wanna understand the difference strategies

The number of different strategies will continue to change as the market and it’s participants change. What worked 5 years ago may not work today and something that didn’t work many years ago may work now. It is an everchanging beast for the most part.

Instead of wanting to understand the different strategies, a better approach would be wanting to understand how to develop a strategy that suits your circumstances and personality.

Welcome to the community, @Fiberlover. We’re glad to have you here too. Focus and be patient as you go through the learning process and you will achieve your goals. Good luck.

Hi, welcome to the babypips community. There are a variety of free learning courses here that you can explore and learn.