Introducing Myself

Hi guys I’m kelvin 21 years old, I’m so excited to join this exciting community. I’m from Africa Tanzania, here there isn’t much knowledge about trading stuffs. I stumbled upon forex from a youtuber. Last year since then I have had a very ginormous interest in trading and related activities. I open a real account quite a few times but very unfortunately blown then all (hahahahaha). Anyways I’m currently trading on a demo account and I have decided to take my trading journey serious by learning as much as I can and practicing on my demo account. I hope baby pips will be very benefiting to my trading journey. Wish me luck guys!!!

most welcome in this community , you are very young i hope you will do better , just one thing always remember there is no short cut way of learning and earning. have a good journey.

hi and welcome , good luck for your new journey. hope everything will awesome.

Welcome, at long last a good mindset of taking FX seriously. And best of luck with your learning journey here on this education site.

sounds not good when a newcomer started a topic and no reply , its not good.