Introducing myself

Hi am Edwin and am planning to start trading and to achieve that I need people like you to guide me through,so am hoping I’ll be able to learn and get into forex until it becomes full time job


Hey, Welcome to the forum! Wishing you the best for your new start.

Hey all, new to this forum, I hope this journey will go long with some astonishing knowledge transfers.

Welcome to the community. For trading we needs skills, knowledge and experience. You can start your learning from this website education section.

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**Hello Edwin, welcome to Babypips, it is one of the best platforms to get knowledge of trading in the financial markets.

Welcome to the community. Keep learning and practicing. Don’t look for short cut way to make profit. There is not any shortcuts.

Welcome and good luck with your journey

Good thought. Leaner and practice first.

Welcome to the community, Edwin. Good luck on your fx trading journey.