Introducing myself

Hello everyone, I’m shania. I have been seeing and hearing how forex is a good thing. I wanna see if it is actually something I would like to do and like how would it benefit from it. I have 2 small children and currently working on my business and childrens all boys clothing line. This would be something to add to my things to do and I wanna see how this journey goes.

Hi shania. I would suggest you focus on your family business instead. That sounds a perfect venture for you.

FX trading is speculative and high risk, which you must understand you can and will lose money as a newbie. There is NO short cut to experience and success, despite what you hear or see from social media marketing hype. It’s hard work from the off, something that newbies don’t get.

By all means press the green education button above - all the courses are free - take it easy one step at a time, and see if it suits you and your lifestyle.

Best of luck with your business. I hope you make it a success.

Welcome shania! How are you finding it? I hope you’re enjoying your learning here. Everything can feel overwhelming at first. Take your time and if you need any help, don’t be afraid to ask.