Introducing myself

New to forex hoping to get money for a new computer

I am new here but a trader for 2 years after studying since 2018…I hope to meet some gurus here

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Welcome to the community, @10x10Bones. It would be nice if I could tell you that you’d be able to do that easily. But then fx isn’t that easy. You need to put in the hard work to learn enough to earn from this. I hope you’re ready to put in the hard work.

Welcome to the community, @Kilon72. How has your trading been so far?

thanks trade has been up and down… though still learning and needs help to go on …how about you…

Same. I’m also trying to figure out the psychological part of trading as well as the discipline to follow through with my trades as planned.

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There is no such thing as a Guru!
You must rely on yourself and yourself alone you can learn from others but if you are looking for a magic person to solve all your problems you are more than likely to find a scammer

Discipline is not as hard as you would think you just have to follow your plan if you can’t do that then tell yourself you shouldn’t be trading

It’s just that as I go along with my trades, there are times when I panic or second guess myself.

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Naturally everybody does! And part of your plan should account for recognising when your trade is not going according to plan so that you may cut losses short. There are some instances with that is applicable and you should write a strategy for that but for the most part stick to your guns mate believe in yourself!

Thanks brother. Your words should be my mantra this week.

This is so true you have no idea until you experience it. Anyone who approaches you 9 times out of 10 is selling something or after your money in one form or another

You all are right…sticking to my strategy and mastering is better than relying on someone…controlling that mind and discipline aint too difficult…just have to keep up and stay of greedy too