Introducing Myself

Hi, ya’ll! I’m an here to learn as I would like to know as many ways of making money as possible, I hope you can help me with this

Start with the basics check out the free course on here then open a demo account

Wrong mindset, sorry. You’ll likely lose all your money as do 90% of newbies. Forget social media marketing hype, it’s mostly fantasyland, and if you think money grows on trees you need to get real.

Enjoy your time on here playing with FX trading. You’ll soon see how difficult it is. Best of luck.

You can learn forex here: Learn How to Trade the Markets

The free course on this website will keep you busy for many hours and give you a great foundation of knowledge

Careful what you wish for.

We’re full of all kinds of advice around here :crazy_face:

Hi and welcome to Babypips forum.

There are always two sides to a story, and to know how many ways there are are of making money, you need to consider how many ways there are of losing money too.

I was given some really powerful advice in my early twenties. My 30 year old colleague asked me “hey do you want to know the quickest way of being worth $1M?” Of course, I answered “yes”, to which he replied “just open an account with a stockbroker and fund it with $2M” :rofl:

Before you start learning how many ways there are of making money, look up the meaning of “confirmation bias”. It took me 2 decades to understand that, and another decade to positively embed it in my investment and trading plans.

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Hi, you can make money through forex trading but you should follow the trends and be patient, and know the basics of forex trading. All the best

Welcome! Trading is definitely a great way to make money and something that can help you throughout your life and into retirement. Hope that you stick with it and reach your goals!