Introducing myself

Hello everyone, I’m Riccardo from Italy. I started trading last summer and I’m still looking for a trading strategy that works out for me. My goal is to make this a full time job and hope to learn a lot from this wonderful community.

Hello Ricardo! Welcome! How long have you been learning? Good luck in finding a strategy that works for you!

Welcome to the community, Riccardo. Good luck on your fx trading journey. Hope to hear more from you in the future.

Hello and welcome Ricardo! It’s nice to meet you! :grin:

Thank you guys for your encouragement, I really appreciate it. @baemax023 I started reading something about trading two years ago, but then did not continue. In july 2021 I decided to dedicate myself to this. I’m still using demo account because I’ve not enough capital to invest since I’m still a student :rofl:, but I’d like trying one of those challenge like myforxfunds as soon as.