Introducing myself

Hello everyone, My name is Ryan, i am new with forex, i have bigger dreams and goals to conquer my financial freedom and also would like to help others with there’s

Welcome to the community, Ryan. You’re in the right place to learn forex trading! If you haven’t been through the School of Pipsology yet, you should check it out. Good luck!

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most welcome in this community , have a perfect journey

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Thank you @baemax023,

Thank you @Hadden , i have this burning desire to learn forex

most welcome in this community , feel free to ask any question you need to know , its a very friendly community we have in online.

Welcome Ryan, the school of Pipsology is well worth your time!

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@Smith2525 , much appreciated, i came to realize that here is the best place to learn Forex… thank you so much.

Hey, welcome to the community. Wishing you all the luck for your journey.