Introducing Myself

Hey, am new in FX. I’ve heard this is the best place to learn forex trading. I’ll appreciate working together with you guys.

i think you have chosen the right place , this is a good place to learn Forex in a proper way , psychology of school can be a great option for the traders who particularly beginners.

have you visited the education level of this forum ? this community is really supportive for the traders who are beginners.

education is really important for any kind of trader but besides this it is more appropriate to make sure regular practice session of trading.

practice is a inevitable part of trading , no way to deny , and i always prefer micro account account to practice well. i think this is a perfect way.

hi and welcome

baby pips school and at the same time practice in a demo account is really a good solution , i like this learning combination from any others we have in online…

this is a good combination for beginners level. otherwise any kind of learning approach can be useless.

Hi! it’s nice to meet you!

I’m newbie and beginners in forex trading and a beginner I have gone through the book but I didn’t not understand how to set Break even and also how to calculate pips

Please can someone assist me