Introducing myself

Hey guys
So I’m Shazaan and I’m currently 18. I moved to the UK recently for university, however things aren’t going great and I wish to move back to Canada. My parents won’t let me move till I prove to them that I can achieve something and I wish to show them by fall 2023 that I’m willing to do whatever it takes to do to achieve it. Now moving back to Canada for uni is a person choice and I won’t go into too much detail. I was recommended by someone on reddit to join here. So I have a starting budget of 330 pounds and I’m so excited to do something in the forex business. I know it’s not a lot but growing is a part of life:) thanks

I suggest you pracice on a demo account first, before blowing your £330. Best of luck.

Hi and welcome, :slight_smile: I think you should visit the BP education section. Regards Greg