Introducing Myself

Hey yall, Im new here and excited to learn more about trading. I have a large interest in learning more about different concepts of price action.


Welcome to the community, @KTS33. Hope to hear more from you in the future. Good luck on your fx trading journey.

Well, start at the beginning which is order flow that moves price action. Without orders there is no movement.

Getting a handle on order flow would be an aim as to when losing traders close there trades or get stopped out. And that’s where price strongly moves up or down to attract more buyers or sellers.

Best of luck.

for ensuring the successful trading life we the traders have to make sure the practice session first of all , otherwise trading life could be more dangerous.

Best of luck on your educational journey and hope to see you around @KTS33

in order to me any kind of learning approach can be useless if there is no regular level of practice. so be careful.

hi and welcome

this trading community is really supportive for learning Forex in a proper way , i hope you will be benefited from this trading place.

Nice to meet you and welcome to the community!