Introducing myselfff

Hi people my name is Aisha I’ve been in the trading for a few years, mainly focusing on news and embracing a low-risk, low-profit strategy. My approach involves staying on top of the latest info, analyzing economic shifts, and keeping an eye on global events.
For me, it’s all about risk management I like to diversify my trades, and depending little on technical analysis , and I believe on to keep learning. Demo trading is my testing ground for new ideas before risking real money.
Trading isn’t just numbers or opening and closing positions it’s like an adventure where we learn from our mistakes . Let’s try learning together! Whether you have questions or just want to chat about trading, feel free to reach out.
Cheers to successful trading!

Welcoooome! :blush: That’s quite interesting! :smiley: I don’t think I’ve met a lot of traders here who focus really on trading the news. :open_mouth: How do you incorporate technical analysis into your system? Or do you base your trades only on fundamental analysis? :thinking:

If you don’t mind, do you also plan to make a trading journal here? :blush: Would definitely be interesting to see your fundamental approach in action! :smiley:

Welcome to the community, Aisha! Looking forward to hearing about your trading experiences. See you around and good luck!

Hi , thank you for your interest to know my trading experience and I am happy to share what I usually try doing . Normally what I see is traders either to technical or fundamental trading but I won’t say I have been successful always to combine them but it does help sometimes to combine it
It also helps with risk management, so what I follow when I am combining both the techniques I learned it from my mentor whom I am working with currently
Timing entry and exit points by identifying support and resistance may be trend lines and patterns, we can also use indicators to get volatility analysis. I try to confirm the trend by aligning positive news with bullish trends and as a risk management I might use stop loss take profit or sometimes trailing stop

I do not plan to make a trading journal . Never thought of it. but may be once I am confident enough to share with everyone and when I will believe that someone will get benefit out of it.

Thankyouuu so much , I will try my best to learn and share thanks again

Hello forum users!
I’m also new to your forum.
There are many interesting topics related to trading.
I hope I like it here.
I wish everyone good luck!

Hello and welcome @ALEXmaier! Enjoy your time here and looking forward to hearing more about your trading experiences.

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Welcome Alex! You’ll definitely like it here. Wishing you a great journey and good luck too!