Introducing Will Hutch

I’m here to obtain as much information and knowledge possible. I’m very much a newborn to the entire experience but ready to learn and make it happen. I was recommended by a really good friend and brother so I must do my diligence and shoot for the stars. I’m ready

Focus on learning how NOT to lose money. Without capital you cannot trade. Best of luck.

Nice to see your learning approach; read the old threads with valuable replies, surely you’ll be benefited!

Thanks Steve369 that’s my goal. I’m a U.S. Navy veteran so of course no excuses for the knowledge and the execution will have to be trial and error but with the attitude of winning and learning from any errors.

Thanks for the guidance RosiePalmar it’s a lot of information especially for a newbie but I am truly going to do my due diligence for a win.

Yeah, I didn’t really start reading through lots of threads (particularly the old ones) until I was fairly on-top of my trading. I felt best use of my time was learning the basics before anlyzing other people’s experience. I had to develope quite a strong personl trading identity before I stopped getting too wobbled by either plainly dodgy advice or well meaning, sensible advice which wouldn’t help me personlly. All in all, though Babypips is a great resource and really good advice is offerred.

Good luck in your trading @Will_HUTCH !

Thanks Blues2 I’m still in pursuit of ironclad knowledge. I’m exactly like you in retrospect of balancing the knowledge and peer perspective of personal experiences. I’m starting from zero and hopefully adding a 10 to that zero with credible knowledge of how to move forward.

The way I think it goes as far as I can see is reading relevant books/doing on-line courses or however you leearn best. Then starting demo trading at the same time, or as well as demo trading i’ve find practice sites with historicalcharts quicker and better (you trade old data as if it’s today and you can fastforward for instant outcome.)

Then once you are ok on demo you start a live account with what u can afford to lose and spend a year or so wondering in the wilderness trying to survive. This tends to make or break people. As long as you concentrate on not losing money rather than making a profit, the profits should start to follow you automatically.