Introducing Yourself

Hi am kuku from Ghana.
New to forex trading so would like to learn and practice as much as possible and use it as another income stream. I got to know of this site through a friend of mine, I told him about my intention to become a trader in forex.
So wonderful people please help guide my steps in this new and exciting world am getting into, I hope to succeed and make this community proud. THANKS

Understand that it’s not a one way street as you will incur expenditure on losing trades, as does every trader on the planet.

FX trading is a high risk profit and loss negative sum venture. There is always another trader on the planet that opposes your trade selection and only one wins and one loses. Add broker costs, and you’ll soon find it’s simple but not easy, as does 80% of traders…

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Welcome kuku! We’re happy to have you here! Start with the education section here. If you need any help, don’t be afraid to ask the community. Good luck!