Introduction about myself

My name is Alexander. well am fondly called NATURE by my friends. Yh am an undergraduate.
Well I fell in love in forex because I needed to have a skill in online trading

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You can make money by trading forex, but you need to develop skills. It is possible to gain profit by surviving in trading through discipline and skills development.

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trade in here but before trading its more appropriate to make sure market principle , otherwise trading could be dangerous.

Good skill to have and one I’m still learning. But good money to be made if done right.

skill is too much important but the main problem is to acquire skill is a long time experience , for that reason we the traders lost interest after passing sometimes. happy trading

sounds really positive when a newcomer try to develop skill by means of learning , most of the time beginners try to bring good amount of profit with no learning. good luck , have a very good journey.

trade in a demo account or in a micro account , its really supportive for acquiring live knowledge and experience.

as a newcomer i dont support any live account , because live account can make beginners greedy and emotional.

Actually, it’s not easy to make money even when you do such activities as trading, where people believe it’s simple to reach heights and become successful in couple of days. But it’s not true. Before you start I want to advice you to throw away such stereotypes about trading (of course if you have such ones), because it won’t help you to get success, it only will take lots of time of yours. You have to be concentrated on the process of learning and practicing, it’s the key to success I suppose. All of these prejudices which you might met in the past about trading, they are formed due to lack of knowledge in this sphere and by people who never met trading activity as itself.

such things were created for a reason, and they always need to be used in your work if you want to achieve something