Introduction and expectations out of Forex

Hi I’m Thato and I’m currently unemployed looking for anyway to make a living out of which is why I want to learn Forex so that I can achieve my hopes and dreams and be successful but use my success for the benefit of others because I believe that no one deserves to suffer in this world whereas there’s a successful person out there that can help which is why I want to learn Forex so that it can help me to fulfill my goals

Welcome Thato! What was your previous job? :slight_smile:

Apologies for being harsh, it’s for your own interest to find another job. FX trading is a highly speculative profit and loss venture, and not advisable for those who do not have the money to gamble.

You could always open a demo account and practice on it. Best of luck.

I think it would be a good idea to start with demo, or atleast learn more about fore, because from what I am seeing, you have a vague idea on what is forex trading all about, to be frank and it is not a good thing.

Welcome Thato! :open_mouth: Although forex can be a full-time career for some, I think it would take years before you get to that point. :open_mouth: Actually, for some, even years of experience isn’t enough to prepare them to go full-time. :sweat_smile: I guess what I’m trying to say is that it might be best to continue looking for other sources of income while you’re learning to be a forex trader. :blush:

Yes that’s what I’m planning to do learn Forex while I’m busy doing something…not that Forex is my main option to reach my goals I’m just taking it as a boost to what i want to achieve

Welcome to the community, Thato! Take your time learning and do not rush into trading with your real money. Good luck and hope you’re enjoying your stay.

Welcome to the community, Thato. How has your learning been so far?

Welcome to the community :grin: