Introduction as a Forex beginner

Hi Everyone
I am from South Africa and have a long time interested in Forex trading however due to fear of the unknown and the constant hearing about the great risks I have put it at the back of my mind many times. I am hoping there are a few South Africans on this forum as I have heard many positive things. I am committed into turning Forex into a full time occupation so I am really seriously wanting to learn from the total beginner stage from a reputable forum as yourself and not so many of these other people who try to lure people in showing pictures of their fancy cars and huge bank balances. As much as i would like that I am a realist to know things take time and it has to be done properly with a long term view, I look forward to interacting on this forum with like minded people[quote=“Adinkra, post:1, topic:287415, full:true”]
I am Julius. I live in the United Kingdom and recently join the School of Pipsology . Looking forward to learn as much as possible and to become a better trader. If i succeed i will trade forex :blush: the rest of my life if i don’t. I will do something else.

Howdy friend. Best of luck to you. This site can be a wealth of knowledge to you if used properly

Welcome and good luck :slight_smile: