Introduction - Complete beginner

Hi everyone,

I am an aspiring trader from London.

Up until two weeks ago I was absolutely clueless about FX and trading… I still am, although I have taken a four hour, introductory, YouTube course so have a (very!) basic understanding.

I have signed up to BabyPips as I’m extremely keen to learn off like-minded, more experienced, enthusiastic traders.

I currently work full time in sales, however, with the recent Covid-19 impact, I have realised I need a secondary income and skill which is why I am here.

Any help or advice is always extremely welcomed.



Hi :slight_smile: did you visit the education section already? getting knowledge about forex takes time Regards Greg

Hello Sean! Welcome to the community! This is a great place for newbies and there’s something to learn everyday. Good luck!

Thanks for the message Greg. Yes I am in this for the long haul and don’t see this venture as a quick fix. I am going to start out on the education course this week.
Do you have any tips on how I navigate through the community information forum…

Many thanks! I look forward to learning more everyday.

Hi Sean,
Welcome to the forum. And I hope you will enjoy the ride. Like you with FX, that was me with Crypto eight weeks ago. Now I have spent about 200 hours learning about Crypto, which prompted me to take a fork in my progress into Investment and Trading, which brought me full circle back to Trading, and BabyPips. I have been trading for eons, but until this year, I had a four year break until I found a solution to my last problem of not being able to stick to my own trading plans. I think that automation may solve that issue, so I am back with a vengeance to succeed.

Welcome mate, with regular learning and practice it will definitely get easy for you to stay focused on your decision to join trading.Good luck for a great learning experience ahead.

Hey Sean!

I was drawn to your post because I am literally in the same boat as you! I am currently in auto sales and i am also looking for a 2nd income. Forex seems to be the way i want to go simply because there is no ceiling. looking forward to mastering certain skills to match and then surpass my income and open up life like i have never seen before. Looking forward to networking with you all!