Introduction for you

Here because I am a stay at home mom looking to make money , and because my brother referred me

Well lexive, you’ve reached a great education site, which will help you learn how to trade properly and proficiently. The downside is that FX trading is speculative and high risk, and why most newbies LOSE money. Experience is key. There is no short cut to riches, ever. And for most, who cannot manage their emotions, no long cut either.

Here’s another link where you can be taught how to construct a plan. TIPS On How To Create The PERFECT Forex Trading Plan - YouTube

Not here to burst your bubble but many come here looking for money and that is fine but few find it. Forget making money until you can regularly make even small scale profit by trading well.

Welcome your in the right place .
It will take a while to become profitable but if you put the time in learning here , practice your strategy on a demo account it will come in them .
Good luck :+1: