Introduction: HI Guys

Hi my name is Sheyi Micheal, and am 34 years from NIgeria. It’s a privilege for me to be here. To learn and grow as a trader. Love this because it’s a flexible way to work and earn as well.

Don’t be greedy and the trading properly

Nope, you won’t become successful with that mindset, unti you take FX trading seriously. Forget about making money - educate your self first. Ignore social media marketing ploys, it’s a fantasy that is not profitable for 80% of newbies.

You might want to ask yourself why?

Absolutely right!!!

Welcome to the community, Sheyi. Just remember that you need to put in the hard work to be successful in this business. Good luck on your fx trading journey.

Hello! Glad that you’ve stepped into trading. Make sure you learn every single thing about trading and trade though a demo account first.