Introduction I want to introduce myself and why am here. Thanks y'all

Hello everyone!!
I’m David, am new to forex trading and I really need help and guidance to help me grow and excel in this. Have heard alot forex and have seen and meet so many people that shares positive testimony about the industry that’s why I chosed to start trading so that I can change my financial status with your guidance

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I will be glad if you can help me run the 1-on-1 mentorship

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Welcome to the community, David. Start with the education section here. Please don’t be fooled by gurus you will meet online. Start with the free resources on the internet. Then when you feel you still need more than that’s the only time you seek out mentors. At least by that time you’ll probably have better discernment who really knows what they’re talking about. Good luck on your fx trading journey.

Welcome Dave1man! This is a great place to start learning. You don’t need to pay for any forex education or mentorship. There are also experienced traders in this community who would love to help out. Good luck!