Introduction of mine idk

Hi, Im 17 yo, I’m into forex for a few years now, but it want serious back then. I want to move out next year and be financially free. My parents gives me hard time and I want have some money for my own.

I’m sorry to hear about your situation, but, IMO, FX trading is not the solution for you until your domestic problems are resolved.

Best of luck…


Try demo account for one year. Because you need to be 18years old to be a trader.

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If you feel motivated enough to invest, you should. But as a beginner, I would not suggest you become a full time trader and be totally dependent on that. You should have another source of income as well if you are moving out. Trading takes time to give you results.


Where could I open demo account for whole year? I tried for one month twice but its was too short period of time