Introduction of my self

Hello everyone. My name is ismail, I’m 18 and i am from Nigeria.don’t have much to say. Just that I am new to forex and trading as a whole.

hello ismail. you are very young , hope you will be successful very rapidly , just focus on learning attitude.

have you finished any basic level of trading ? what’s your current trading condition ?

this forum is full of education , just be educated from using this materials. have a knowledgeable journey.

good forum you have chosen already , just be prepared and start with education level of this community.

Welcome to the community, Ismail. You’re lucky that you’re starting young. You have lots of time to learn so don’t rush into trading live. Make sure you gain adequate foundational knowledge for trading. Then as you go along open a demo account to practice trading. Don’t trade live until you’re consistently profitable on demo so that you don’t lose money while you’re still learning. Good luck on your fx trading journey.