Introduction of myself

i all i am new in search of forex understanding

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Welcome to babypips. Start your education here. It includes the babypips course and other links to learn about forex. Study hard, take your time and get involved in the threads. Best of luck.

Welcome! Iā€™m sure you will enjoy and learn so much from Babypips. Good luck!

Welcome you, you can choose from a range of resources and build your trading skills with free online courses. Hope this is helpful for you.

i agree , as a best part of education there is no website without baby pips particularly their school level which bring all good knowledge and experience.

most welcome in this forum, feel free to ask any question you need to know , it s a most friendly community we have ,

Welcooooome. :blush: If you have any questions about the school or trading in general, you could try looking up some threads on the forums (or even create your own!). :slight_smile: Lots of really helpful people here. :smiley: Good luuuuuck! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community Chenebuah. Study hard then open a demo account.

wanjama, if you will understand something then write me in PM, please :slight_smile: