Introduction of myself

Hi Everyone. Am Chuks. Am a newbie in FX trading. Am currently studying and have been trying to carry out Demo trading as I continue the study. I hope to be a good FX trader with little or no loss trade.

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Hi Chuks!

Welcome to BP :slight_smile:

Since you’re studying already you’re probably already aware of the online course here at Babypips. If not, give it a quick look.

Feel free to clarify any doubts or ask if you hit any stumbling blocks.

kind regards, Dims

You need proper knowledge and skills to make money from this market.

You are welcome here. This site has a lot of great resources to learn. There are many resources that you can use to start your journey. All the best.

Hello and welcome to the community. Focus more on learning and start small before thinking about doing it live.

I really appreciate. Thank you Dim.

Ok . Thank you.

Yeah. Thank you.

Ok. Thank you

Yeah. Am taking my time until am grounded in it. Thank you

Anytime, and feel free to ask any question in this forum! On the other hand, there have tons of use old threads in there; so enjoy your learning!