Introduction of myself

Hey guys,

My name is Jamie and I’m 20.

I was introduced to FX by my best friend. We were try to discover ways to become financially free and be apart of something great. I overheard a supermarket owner speaking to someone about the FX market so I waited and listened. After he finished the conversation I enquired about any tips he had as I was astonished by his conversation, he then spoke to me and gave an introduction about Baby Pips.

SO here I am as a beginner trying to learn as much as possible about Forex. Each day I become more interested in FX and I’m very grateful to be a part of this community.


Wow that’s amazing! Didn’t realize this site was that famous lol. Which country are you from?

This is your only focus for a few months. Practice on a demo account.

demo is good but the main problem is when we trade in a real account our demos experience works to fail. this is the major issue really.

yes this is common , but beginners should not avoid this trading place . this is the first step to acquire live trading knowledge and experience.

in demo we trader can use high leverage and others trading strategies to see the performance how it works.

Thanks, that’s exactly what I’m doing now