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Like many others I want to use my money to make money and leave behind the typical work life. While this is new to me, and I mean entirely new, I feel I am capable and am eager to learn. Looking to network, gain knowledge of forex from those who have come before me. Currently in my mid 20’s and have worked entry level jobs in foodservice and retail. My current living/work situation allows me to save a hefty portion of my income and I’d like to do something with it.

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Hi there. Good to know that you really want to do something in financial industry. I also work in F&B industry as part-timer and also a college student. My opinion, you may start your trading journey by watching videos and start to write your trading journal. For me, this method is really helpful especially for those do forex as part-time. Remember to have a right mindset as this is a business but not just a hobby. What I mean by business is, we as trader really need to understand the market structure, economics news, political issues, central bank decision, supply and demand, micro & macro economics… this will be very helpful for you to start. It sound too much to learn, but you can start small by understand the currency… It is very interesting and by time, you will find the best strategy that will suits you the best.

All the best!

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Investments are the best way to make money.
Welcome to the forum :grin:


Welcome to the community, @fightorfight. It’s good that you’re able to save. Start with a demo account first before using any of that money. That way you won’t lose any money while you’re still learning. Good luck on your fx trading journey.

or lose it all depending on what kind of investment

Hello @fightorfight! How’s your learning going so far? Hope you’re still around and good luck on your trading journey!