Introduction to all my reflections

whaaaduuup everyone!! I had to make my way over to babypips once I signed up with a network marketing company that was selling a trading education platform, and I did not feel my education experience was authentic because it was all based on signing up new customers. I have tried to trade live and realized that was a huge mistake and now I am here to fulfill my dream of financial freedom through the Forex market.

damn, this is the second post I’ve seen today where someone left IML smh they’re a network marketing company that makes there money on referrals, not trading. If you actually want to learn the skill, then you came to the right place

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just start by going through the Babaypips school first. You’ll learn all the basics

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Hey there! Welcome

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Heck yeah family, i’m hitting the education hard here on babypips. I am excited to commune with everyone on here because I know you guys are some real deal people that actually want someone to learn and add this skill to their bag, so thank you for the warm welcome and lets get it!

Hi Hi! Thank you for the welcome, I am excited to learn and grow my knowledge of the forex market, I want to master this skill over time!

hi, and welcome, lots to learn, enjoy your journey.