Introduction to Forex

Hello I’m MacDonald Gaorakwe new here interested to be here, I want to learn forex, everything about it… Anyone will to teach me.

Hmm. :thinking: We can help you out if there’s anything you’re confused about maybe? :smiley: Haha. But I’m not sure you’d find anyone here who’d mentor you. :open_mouth: But good luck! :smiley:

Welcome to the best platform and forum for forex trading. You are interested in Forex and you can learn a lot with the help of babypips school where you can get a lot of educational material about forex.

You have the course to go through and the forum to sound board off of but doubt anyone here will be advertising courses

Forex trading has become an integral part of how I make money. Though I do a 9-5 job, it doesn’t make me as happy as forex trading does.

Am new to forex trading,I desperately need your help