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Hi everyone! My name is muhammad, I’m from London and I’ve been trading the forex market for a few months now and am looking for consistency in my trades and solidifying my forex knowledge!

Hi Muhammad, good to hear from you. I am also based in London and very new to FX. Infact, I booked a one day FX training in July. Good luck with the forum and its relevant knowledge. I have been using the website for knowledge booster. Plenty of knowledge without making you feel bored :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone this is JOSS123 from India, i am a beginner in trading looking for price action discussions of crude oil

Hellooooo @kayed99 Muhammad! :blush: Welcome to BP! What strategy are you currently using? :slight_smile: I think it would be super amazing to get to know you more. :slight_smile:

Hi @joss123! :smiley: Welcoooome. :slight_smile: You might want to check out this thread by Manxx. :smiley: Though I’m not that into Crude Oil Trading, there’s still so much to learn from his thread. :blush:

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welcome Muhammad. , thanks for joining , its a place to become knowledgeable very rapidly , so be active always as a beginner among all.

Welcome Lomdon Mate , lots of members in here from London , hope , you will enjoy everything.

have you finished the pre school level ? its the first basic course for beginners , go though this school for 2-3 times.

Hello Muhammed! Just keep on practicing and learning to have the experience needed… See you around.

Hi everyone,

Just thought I’d pop in and introduce myself before becoming what I hope is a fixture in this forum

My name is Ray and I’m going on 40 (not sure how that happened), I’ve been doing freelance content writing and social media for almost a decade now, and I’ve had the opportunity of working for many brands and companies along the way.

Since most of my work is done from home with only the occasional client meeting here and there I often find myself with spare time and the ability to gain knowledge in fields that interest me.

Over the years I’ve gotten to work for a number of financial companies and gain insight into their business, it seems that through that I’ve had a glimpse into the world of Forex trading and while I’ve only dabbled in demo accounts so far I think I’m ready to move into the major leagues.

I hope to gain insight from this forum and share some things with you as well.

For example - one of the things I had noticed over the years is that something that is sorely lacking for the field is the ability to laugh at certain situations and things that happen to us and I believe that is something that every trader needs to be able to do so that they can remain sane through tough times.

To that end, I found something nice and I hope you can laugh at it, and furthermore - I invite you to add your own market jokes/quips/memes/whatever to help brighten up a day.

Have a successful day everyone!

appreciate your message , without regular practice session any good learning approach can be useless.

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