Introduction to the community

Hii Im junior and im a forex newbie. I want to learn forex because i want it to be my source of income. I don’t intend on working for someone else.

FX is speculative and high risk. It’s not, and never will be, an income stream like a job. You’ll get what scraps the market throws at you, until you learn to trade properly and proficiently. That means spending months of hard work learning the basics and HOW NOT TO LOSE MONEY.

This is the reality, not social media fantasy hype.

Forex can be a great part of income if you can make sure some inevitable part of trading. do you know some of them what necessary for learning ?

You need to learn all the basics of forex to make money from this market.

A demo is the most helpful source to learn forex.

Yes. Demo is the best platform to practice.

Hello and welcome to the forex community.