Hello my name is Tierra and I’m from South Carolina and I have no background in forex however I was studying binary until I heard that it was kind of like gullible thing. I look forward to learning everything I need to know so that I can start making money.

Hello Tierra, glad you found your way in our forex community! I do suggest you learn about spot forex trading first in our School before venturing into binary options. School of Pipsology | Learn Forex Trading

Hello, I’m Jen from Vallejo CA and I’m a new member as well. I’m new to trading and I hope I can learn from all of you experts here. Hope to see you all in the forum :slight_smile:

Hello Jen and Tierra,

Welcome to Babypips! I am a newbie like you and you are on the right place! When it comes to education, Babypips has the best school and you can use it also for Binary option. Enjoy learning!

Hello Jen, welcome to our forex community too!

Hey, thanks guys for welcoming me :slight_smile: