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Hi, my name is Lebz and I’m 26. I have been trading for 8 months now and my reason for trading is to fund my music career. I discovered babypips about a month ago and joined so that I can learn and grow as a trader.


Welcome to the forum! Are you trading with a real account for the last 8 months? so how’s it been treating you?

when you want to learn and grow, you’re in the right place. Good Luck!

Yes, I’ve been trading with a live account for 8 months now. Its been a very hard process but I haven’t given up.

Thank you very much, that gives me a lot of confidence!

If you haven’t done yet, aim to develop a profitable strategy AND process that you follow for EVERY trade. This is the fist step to success.

Best of luck.

The problem isn’t with the strategy. Its the way I was setting my stop losses so I got stopped out a lot.

And thank you very much, same to you.

Oh nice! What kind of music do you make?

In which case it’s a strategic mistake.

Thanks! I make hip hop music.

Ah that’s awesome! Who are some of your favorite hip hop artists?

Eminem, J Cole, Joyner Lucas and Ludacris. How about you?

Hi Lebz! I hope that you decide to stick around and wish you the best with the music career!

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Thank you heaven. I’m definitely sticking around, I’ve learnt a lot already.

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