Introductions/Newbie Hello's

hi there all!
just joined and noticed that there was no introduction/hello thread for the newbies (tried to search couldn’t find it – moderator if there is one, please delete this one).
well, i am not completely new to this whole forex thing, yet i am new with babypips and i must say this is an awesome place and thanks to all who contributed to make it a real thing. surely it has a tremendous impact on those who happen to read, me being one of them.
located in beijing, china so if you happen to pass over here just pm me and we will have fun. i am not a chinese, though i can speak the language fairly well.
hope i will have a great time in here!

Mapesa. welcome to the forum buddy.
You surely are at the right place. And i am sure you will enjoy being here and discuss with others.
I and others do definately enjoy supporting, advising, helping each others in all ways.
Wish you best and happy trading

welcome… i would definitely like to travel to beijing one day. so what kind of experience with forex do you have so far? have you wiped out any live accounts yet? :slight_smile:

well thanks a lot. about my experience: i did had a trial with forex using the oanda platform. worked good with some losses. then i tried to go live. things became so heated up… was winning little tit bits of pips yet not serious income. then stopped for some time. recently got back again in a bid to make this my life style. hopeful things will straighten out. i am not a give-up-easily person. with seasoned advices from here, my journey will surely be great in both sides: success and failure. gotta be ready for both i reckon.

Welcome aboard Mapesa. This seems to be a good thread that Newbees start off with to introduce themselves. Another very useful feature is the search button at the top of the page. A lot of common question have some great answers :slight_smile:


Good thread. I’m another Newbie to Forex here and I’ve been on the demo’s and studying for about a month now. Right now it is addictive stuff. The pip school here and the forums have been a great source of advice. God trading to all.

warmly welcome Bocajunior! Have fun in this FX arena.

Thanks for your warm Mapesa. I’m looking fwd to learning and developing my skills here. Thanks again.

Well I wont say welcome. I’ll say welcome back to the forex since you already have some experience. Hopefully you can learn more from all the great people here in this forum.

Hi Everyone,
I’m a total newbie to Forex and boy! am I glad to have found this site. Plan to learn enough about FX to be able to make a living from it(part-time at least:D) and looking forward to getting to know all you good folks on here.

Hi new to this, I am from England!

Hi fellow traders, nice community you have here. Im pretty new to Forex trading, and from what ive seen, this is easily the most user-friendly site around. You Guys Rock!! Youll probably be hearing a lot more from me in the future cause i like it here so much, so nice meeting ya!
Pippy LePew